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Default Re: What is the Super Bowl starting to look like? My Top 10

The words "Cincinnati" and "Super Bowl" make the hair on my arms stand up. I was too young to remember their last one. Just getting to the playoffs is not good enough. To win a game isn't good enough. Maybe an AFC title game appearance is satisfactory, but dammit, I want the whole shebang!

We got the ground game to do it. We can just pound, pound, POUND away. And I'm banking on that we haven't seen the best out of our passing game yet, and that we will peak at the right time. Combine those with our defense, which is outstanding vs. the run (so-so against the pass) and I think that we have as good of a chance as anyone. Are there a few AFC teams that may be better? Sure. THAT much better, though? Can't say that. Yeah, experience in big games is lacking, but I'm banking that the pressure is on everyone else (Indy/Pats) and we can just go on and be carefree, since people may still not take us seriously.
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