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adamcz, you gotta look at it this way:

toronto is a team that has a couple holes positionally, but our biggest need is talent. when you have a team that doesn't have much talent to begin with, it's generally not wise to trade your 2nd most talented player to fill a hole with a much less talented player, regardless of his position.

as we discussed in a different thread, you have to pay for bigmen, but very few of these bigmen are worth what they're paid... they're just big. if i had to move charlie for one of the 5 bigmen in the league making 8-10 mill that are actually worth what they're paid... i'd have to consider it because these players are difference makers... players like mehmet okur for example. magloire is not a difference maker. for a center in a conference without many other topflight centers, 17 double-doubles on the year isn't very flattering.

and i just flat out don't want to trade charlie after one season, unless its a deal that is obviously in toronto's favour. i mean, the guy finished the season averaging 13 and 6 on the year, 17 and 9 as a starter, and is only 21. i'm not saying he's the next great... whoever, but he sill has serious potential, and after one year in the NBA, he can't possibly be done getting better.

if magloire really wants to come to toronto... he'll come when he's a free agent. but as of this moment, he hasn't proved that the impact he provides is worth giving up villanueva.
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