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Default Ray Rice - The Next Great One?

I didn't realize he was on pace for 90 receptions and 850 yards receiving to go along with 1200 yards rushing - that's over 2000 total yards.

You know how many people have rushed/received over 2000 in the last 10 years?

Edge had done it three times when he was in his prime.
Faulk had done it three times in his prime.
Jamal Lewis did it once in his prime year.
Ricky Williams did it once in his prime year.
Priest Holmes did it three times during his three prime years.
Tomlinson did it three times in his prime years.
Tiki Barber three times in his prime years.
Larry Johnson in his two prime years.
Steven Jackson in his prime year.
Brian Westbrook in his best year.

I think that's it.

Obviously all those guys at their peak were absolute beasts. It's obvious Ray Rice doesn't carry that name recognition like those guys on the list do, but he is putting in work this year and has a good chance to join that elite group of running backs to put up 2000 total yards in one season in the last 10 years.

And he's only in his first year as a starter, whereas basically all those guys on the list accomplished the feat later on in their careers when they were at their absolute peaks.

I don't know, but I think we should pay more attention to this guy. He might be one of the special ones.
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