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Default Re: Ray Rice - The Next Great One?

Welcome to 5 weeks ago. No offense. By the way Carbine, it's me Marlo.

Ray Rice is an elite talent. He has quickly become my favorite player in the NFL. I've been hyping him harder than any other player I can ever remember. He's on every single fantasy team I manage (5).

Can you imagine if Willis Mcgahee didn't vulture goal line touchdowns from him. He'd be the top back in the league (he's currently #2 in PPR leagues).

Btw, Primtime believes that Thomas Jones is a better running back RIGHT NOW than Ray Rice.

Did you listen to what Ray Lewis had to say about RR after the Steelers game? I've never heard someone as well respected as Ray Lewis have such high praises for another player especially one who is a second year player.
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