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Default Re: Ray Rice - The Next Great One?

Some more stats about Ray Rice.

He's currently on pace for 2,036 yards and 11 touchdowns to go along with 89 catches and a 5.0 ypc.

He currently has 7 touchdowns which is especially impressive because I believe all but 1 has been at least a 10 yard touchdown run or catch.

Also it's worth noting that he plays the Bengals and Steelers 4 times. This is worth considering because both defenses are ranked in the top 3 statistically in rushing defense.

Ray Rice put up more total yards vs the Steelers defense than any RB over the past 2 seasons.

Ray Rice hasn't fumbled the ball once this season.

He's been by far the most consistent player in fantasy football. In point per reception league he's the only non QB to produce at least 12 points in every single game this year.

The majority of his production has come against stout defenses (Bengals, Steelers, Vikings, Broncos, Patriots). The Ravens easily have the toughest schedule of any team in the NFL.

More to come later!
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