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Default Re: Ray Rice - The Next Great One?

Originally Posted by Carbine
Being a 1000/1000 threat is probably more valuable and more impressive than someone who runs for 1500/500. When you got a guy who is a mis-match for linebackers/safeties, and can run for almost five yards a carry... that's special.
has anyone ever done that?...1000/1000?

I like RBs to run and WRs to recieve...

the Rams did win a ring with Faulk playing like that but after that it seems like just a bunch of "runners"...

you got teams with players like Jerome Bettis and Brandon Jacobs that won rings by just bashing defenses to death...that is what I like more really...and it doesn't have to be Giants like that but just guys that slam into the hole...and wear the defense down...
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