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Originally Posted by Raildog
Why is there a lack of love for Redick, yet so much love for Morrison?

Are they not very similar players with Morrison being taller?

I can understand Morrison ahead of Redick, but can Morrison do so much more than Redick?

I seriously doubt Redick will be an all-star but I can seem him being a good player for a number of years. Rip Hamilton managed to do it.

WTF? No they are not very similar players at all. Morrison stands in at 6-8, strong, slow, but he can get a good shot off against almost anybody at anytime. He can take you inside or out, and has a filthy mid range jumper. Reddick is 6-4, weak, slow, and gets his points from more talented players creating open shots for him. With that being said Reddick is one of the best shooters in the world. He will have moderate success at the next level with the lack of defense played in the NBA. He will never be a starter because he simply can't guard and NBA shooting guard. Period. He is too slow, too weak, and too unathletic.

Also the comparison to Rip Hamilton is just silly. Rip Hamilton might be the exact opposite of JJ Reddick. He is quick, an under rated defender, and an excellent mid-range shooter. He is a below average outside shooter. So lets recap Reddick plays no defense and shoots from deep, and Hamilton does about everything well except shoot from deep.
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