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Default Re: team stats that seem strange to me right now...

Originally Posted by GOBB
Roy Williams takes alot of shyt, sometimes warranted. But how has his impact as a veteran player affected the Bengals defense? While you say they didnt miss a beat without him while pointing out areas they do miss. Did his addition helped change the mentality of the players? Is he somewhat a motivator like a Brian Dawkins was. Even when he didnt play the defense still did its thing. But he was the leader of that defense and it showed. Same thing with Roy or not too much? You would know better than me. I'm kinda assuming Roy plays big part of why you dont laugh at the Bengals defensively anymore. Tell me if I'm wrong.

Roy Williams only played 4 games for the Bengals this season. During his time, he played well and was everything Cincinnati could have hoped for, but unfortunately, he got hurt and is now on IR.

The defense hasn't missed a beat in his absence. I thought it would, but Chinedum Ndukwe has filled in capably in his absense. Though I liked having a hard hitter like Williams to possibly discourage teams from passes in the middle of the field. This is something we aren't good at.

He fit in well with this defensive unit, which really has no true stars, but is deep. I give him a lot of credit in helping us beat the Steelers early on in the season. Before he got hurt, he was one of the faces of the "resurgent" Bengals. We have some guys who have been kicked to the curb, but got new life here. He looked like he was near the forefront of that, along with Benson. Too bad he got hurt.

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