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Originally Posted by BFRESH44
. And The Big Ten SUCKED this YEAR.

Yes teh #1 and 2 (or 3) teams in the country plus another top 10 team, what a crappy conference. While the depth is not there int eh big 10 this year it si clearly one of the two best in the nation and probably the best when in comes to the quality of the best teams.
Florida lost to a down (for Auburn) auburn team, has no convincing/dominating wins and played a weak non-conference schedule (sorry but that should screw you hard). Even lat night they didnt look that much better than arkansas.

Michigan's only loss is by three points to the best team in the country (hands down).

If you want to see the two best teams in the country it is clearly michigan and OSU. Florida has been offensively weak off and on throughout the season. If you dont want a rematch fine, but OSU will crush this florida team. Chris leak would have lost them that game last night if TT hadnt given him some time to refocus and given the offense some rythym.
Originally Posted by BFRESH44
You gotta Give the SEC/Florida a chance...They got screwed the last time (Auburn)...
What does that have to do with anything? I agree that was a travesty but cmon move on with your life. no standing on the current topic
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