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Originally Posted by Y2Gezee
I can't believe this is even a debate. Florida should be going. Most idiots were going to put fuggin USC in the championship game. Anybody with sense and no bias can tell USC sucks. How do you put USC over the team with the toughest schedule and a better quality loss.

Even in this case. Florida should be undefeated. Refs cheated for Auburn as usual and gave them the game. Leak threw a forward pass and they called it a fumble, dude has as deliberate a forward motion as you can have and they called it a fumble. When FLA was on the 5 yard line. Florida hasn't won pretty, but they've won. And I think it would be ridiculous to see Michigan and OSU 2x in a row. That was their last ****ing game.

Florida lost by 10pts. Take away the "ref cheated" and Florida is still down by 3. How the phuck are you cheated out of a win again? Stop it. Thats ridiculous. Cheated out of a win was OU not Florida so shut that crap up.

USC doesnt suck. I wonder how you figured that out.

Florida scheduled a Div 1-AA team. But we'll overlook that with thier great schedule. How many close wins did Florida have again? Bit thier fingernails vs South Carolina. But you'll tell me SC is great...on the ROAD at that. Right?

Michigan lost its last game vs the best team in the nation (all season long) by 3pts on the road. Suddenly that lost becomes so impactful it automatically eliminates them from playing in the NC game which is hilarious.

Michigan vs OSU on a neutral field would be a great game where Michigan wouldnt be the underdog by that many pts based on what happened last time.
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