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Default Re: I Need Help Compliling "Raunchy" Rap Songs

get low

"Using nothing more than a basic synthesizer and a few simple catch phrases Lil Jon has managed to pump out some of the most infectious rap anthems of the last 5 years. None more catchy than the track he produced with The Eastside Boyz “Get Low”. Get Low featured some obviously explicit lines like “to the sweat drops down my balls.(MY BALLS)” but the reason it ended up on this list is for popularizing the phrase “skeet skeet”. “Skeet skeet” refers to the act of shooting jizz onto a girl’s face, ass, ****, etc. Until Dave Chappelle pointed this out to everyone on Chappelle’s show you couldn’t walk 10 feet without hearing some kid yelling “skeet skeet mother ****er!” While it may have been funny to watch a kid unknowingly tell his friends he wanted to *** on their faces after an awesome basketball shot, I think everyone felt pretty dirty when the whole truth was exposed."
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