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Default Killing 'em softly ... JAX-son-ville

The AFC wild-card hunt is getting the utmost interesting, but no one is really talking about the Jaguars. They're solid. I don't see them doing anything major come the post season (if they get in) but I find it rather strange they're just this overlooked.

Steelers lose 4 straight... in those four losses the Chiefs and Raiders. Yet somehow they'll still be talked about winning out and snatching a spot (which just isn't happening).

Baltimore could possibly run the table, but I think the Dolphins are poised to make a late season run to get the last spot, 7th seed going to Denver (who will fold and lose their away game probably against NE).

The Jags can maybe shock and win their away game (probably against the Bolts).

Why is JAX so overlooked?
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