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Default Re: Top 5 Favorite Buck Players All-Time

Originally Posted by Jasper
top 5 fav players after 20 games , and Jennings gets on your list
This team has had over 35 + years of players , and you come up with Jennings

Maybe I should come up with top 5 players of rookie season, and start with Pressey

If you ever seen Paul play his game was tailered after Dr.j

Imagine if you were there with me and the internet was alive

Top 5 favorite Buck players This means its my opinion on who I personally like, not all time greats.

You know if you don't like it, then you don't need to respond. I just thought it would be nice to add a thread in this sad place you call the Bucks forum. I mean, whats it to you if I like Jennings? Its my opinion. I like the potential in him and I think he will end up being a Bucks great.

I'm not even a Bucks fan, I am a fan of the game. I don't know every Bucks player that has ever played but I feel have a solid knowledge of the game as a whole.

You are the mod here right? Dont know why you act like a douche bag when this place is a ghost town. I came in here to post some Bucks appreciation and I get your snide ass remarks. You should be happy that a fan of another team can appreciate the Bucks. But trust me, I wont be back here where the mod is a smart ass bitch. Peace
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