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Originally Posted by Rab
No, Don Nelson is a gimmicky type coach. They may be similar, but D'Antoni will be fine.
Not playing a center. Coaching your players not to contest shots at the rim, so you can get the ball out of the hoop and run.

That's not a gimmick????

D'antoni has a few years to go before he is even at Nelson's level as a coach. But they are eerilly similar. Nelson quit the Mavs and retired after D'antoni implored the Suns ownership to overpay Nash. Both coaches absolutely love Nash and his style of play.

Neither Nelson nor D'antoni stress defense in any way. They are the same freaking coach. The only difference is Nelson has about 1000 more wins.

Gimmicky! Both of them are gimmick coaches who like to exploit offensive matchups to the detriment of their defense!
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