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Default Re: Browns/Steelers...

Originally Posted by Carbine
I only respond when people are ignorant. I watch enough of the Steelers to know when someone is making false claims about their players. And you being you, here you are saying things like "I thought Ben was great at the start of the season, but he's now just decent" most likely because of this game and this losing streak they are on.

He failed against the Raiders? Really? He gave up three touchdowns in the fourth quarter to an offense led by Gradkowski with his best receiver being a rookie?

Yeah, that's his fault alright.

That defense without Troy is terrible. They don't force turnovers and they don't defend any type of lead in the fourth quarter. Your defense gotta stand up and not let teams score touchdowns to win games or 60 yard drives to get into field goal range.

And he didn't fail against the Browns tonight. If you watched the game (and apparently you didn't) you'd have realized he couldn't have done anything differently. Seriously, we got to see what Ben was seeing virtually every passing play because they showed replays way more than usual, and he had nobody open....he was running around for his life all night.

Steelers are 6-7 for three reasons:

1) Troy Polamalu being injured
2) Special Teams giving up touchdown returns
3) Their offensive line

In other words, they are 6-7 in spite of Ben, not because of him.
dude you can't make excuses for him every game, had that been Romo out there YOU and everyone else wold be saying he sucks...yes I know you defended Romo in the Giants loss but that is just because it is damn near impossible not to...

I did see the last drive, and I did see Miller wide open on that 4th down...

he was 18/32 tonight...with a 75.1 passer rating...

^^^ if that was Romo it wouldn't matter if he was sacked 20 times...

looking at Ben's numbers against Okland it seems you are looks as though Ben played solid in there...(wow, how did they lose that, wtf)

KC it looks like wasn't too bad, but hee threw 2 picks...

Cincy he had a 51.5 rating...

I already know what you're thinking if you are reading me spit those numbers, that numbers don't tell the whole picture, and I agree...but from what I am seeing it looks like Ben was spectacular this year the first 6 games, and then for whatever reason started to slump...

I am not saying he don't put words in my mouth...I am jst saying that this Stealer meltdown makes me rank him a few spots lower...that's all
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