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Bill Swerski
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Originally Posted by pimpsquad1220
We can adress our size issue with free agency which means we could land Ben Wallace...
Our only size issue is @ the 2 guard spot, on defense.

And if the Bulls sign Ben Wallace, I'll throw the f#@k up.

Ben Wallace gets paid far too much for what he does. And he's too old to build with. Our core is 23-25 years old, giving them a window of under 8 years to get a ring,
I doubt Wallace will be playing 8 seasons from now, he'd be 41.

...and isn't he 6'8", with it blown out ?? ???

+ he could never guard oppsing 2 guards, which is where our defensive weakness is.

Hinrich can guard smaller 2's like Wade, but a 6'6"/6'7" 2 guard like carney would be better, cause Gordon has already peaked, he cannot get any better.

Trade the MF ASAP, his value is high. Sign Drew Gooden.

Rodney Carney and Muhammad Saer Sene are who I want.

Or Bargnani/Morrison, and Sene.

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