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Default Re: Browns/Steelers...

Originally Posted by beasly15
give 'em hell, pittsburgh!!!!!


Says the guy with a Texans avy...

Anyways, the team really does miss Troy that much on D. His replacement, Tyrone Carter, really is this bad and consistenly plays this bad. I'm surprised he stills has a job in the NFL. If Anthony Smith weren't all bark and no bite he would still be on the team instead. Farrior took a terrible angle on Jennings on that touchdown run which was enough to win them the game.

The offensive line, even last year, hasn't been stellar. Upgrades need to be made badly. Same thing with the secondary. As much as I love Ryan Clark, he has zero ball skills. He is a tough player and a damn good tackler but I can think of 3 or 4 plays this year were he had an opportunity to make a play on the ball but went for a hit instead. William Gay is a nickleback and really doesnt have the talent to play man on the outside. The secondary and the o-line are the most glaring needs in teh draft but the D-line is getting older and some youth needs to be brought in (Ziggy Hood is a good start).

All the excuses in the world can be made but the Browns just flat out beat us in every aspect of the game. Its like Tomlin said, we constantly find ways to not make plays in crunch time. Allowing Cribbs to run for a first on like 3rd and 12 is not Steeler football. The Browns front four has been destroyed by injuries including Shaun Rodgers and they still dominated our line leading to 8 sacks and 75 yards rushing. The Steelers should be ashamed of the effort especially after giving the game away in the final seconds to Oakland.

Oh and the Steelers special teams gave up another big play...surprise surprise
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