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Default Re: Browns/Steelers...

Originally Posted by Carbine
I honestly think you're clueless when it comes to evaluating quarterbacks.

Ben was pressured all night up the middle. It doesn't matter who you are, when you're getting pressure like Ben was tonight, you're not going to put up 300 yards and 3 touchdowns in -12 degree weather.

And when he did have time, his recievers literally got zero separation. The broadcast showed basically a replay after every Steeler pass highlighting the lack of separation from the wideouts.

How is this Bens fault? Is he suppose to make guys get open? I don't care who the **** you are, Peyton Manning, Brady, Montana... if your guys don't get open, you won't have much success.

As far as Polamalu goes, I think his absence showed tonight. How many big runs did the Steelers give up in big situations? I can think of two. Somehow I find it hard to believe Troy wouldn't make some type of play in 3rd and long situations where they run the ball. This type of thing didn't happen last year or in years past when he was back there.

And his replacement was in position a couple times to make some type of play on the ball while it was in the air. Polamalu finds ways to make plays - I'm not going to sit here and say he would've for sure made this tackle or that pick or whatever..... but somewhere along the line this season in this five game losing streak he would've done something to turn the tide.

I think he's the most valuable defensive player in the league. They just look different and play different... it's like the Colts playing offense without Peyton Manning back there. The whole style and flow would change.

Browns played super though. I don't know much about their corners... but it seemed like they had two Revis' out there.
Gaw, you really should be a real writer somewhere, if you aren't already.

The reason primetime seems clueless to you is because he's an average NFL fan, but you sir can diagnose a game like no other. Love your NFL posts.
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