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[quote=BTR]I think this is the most Dangerous Drafts in recent years. No Clear Cut Best player in this draft. If you were a GM Most likely you can move up or down this draft the cost would be small. I think alot of GMs are sweating it out. There are 15 guys who might be have 10 year careers in this Draft. Who are they? I think there will be alot of shakup of rosters (Portland & NY).
Sleepers nobody have mention Curtis Stinston IA State Ave 19 pts a game.This guy is fearless . Greg Brunner is 6foot 7 245Lb he can hurt you inside. Will Blalock is a goodplaymaker with a outsideshot. He is 6 foot tall.

This Draft is pretty even. 2nd rounders have a good chance to make some rosters. GMs might want trade out of First Round & look for Next year. The Draft will have some Big Names i.e. Greg Odem
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