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Default Re: MVP, DPOY, ROY, DROY, CPOY, COY...and SBMVP?

What happens when Peyton sits out the majority of the plays in these last three games, thus killing his season total stats, when on the flip side you got Brees still playing every snap for the remaining 3 games? And what if the Saints get to 16-0 and because Peyton sits, they go... 15-1?

I'd like to see co-mvps because this is one season where I honestly feel neither player is playing better than the other. You can't mention one without the other, and that's the definition of being co-mvps.

And Chris Johnson most certainly does not belong in MVP talks. I mean you can mention him, but at the end of the day the talk starts and ends with Manning & Brees. Let Chris Johnson get Offensive Player Of The Year... that's an award he has a legit case for.


Peyton/Brees are co mvps

Chris Johnson for Offensive Player of The Year.

Harvin for ROY

Payton for COTY

Woodson/Revis for DPOY
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