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Thumbs down Petrie: Thumbs Up or Down?

I was previously a huge fan of Petrie's moves. He got us Vlade and Webber, drafted J-Wil and Peja. I loved the draft of Hedo and Gerald Wallace. I've been a huge Bibby fan since college, so when he made the trade I was very impressed with that move. I never questioned anything he did. When he traded Christie for Cuttino....I didn't like it but I understood it. But then on a dark miserable night I flipped on the radio and heard we traded Webber for a bunch of scrubs. Truly the darkest night of my 20+ year life of a Kings fan, YES....even worse than the early/mid 90's of being the laughing stock of the NBA. Petrie's excuse was he'd be able to make more moves in the future with 3 smaller contracts over Webber's huge contract. He made this trade while rumors were circulating about Artest being traded for Peja. IMO - the WRONG deal was made. In any case, the past is the past and I have to live with that mistake. What is this guy waiting for? We cannot win with this team, anybody can see this. We might not even make the playoffs for the first time in years because the roster is filled with role players and no superstar. I admit he has made some great moves but what have you done for me lately? I'm not happy with the product on the floor and Iknow the Maloofs can't be happy either. What do you guys think?
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