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Default Re: Ray Rice - The Next Great One?

Originally Posted by AAckley1
I hate when people consider RB's that are threats in the passing game as soft or "unpreferred" over typical "pound the rock" type bruisers. With the prevalence of the 3-4 and the insane speed that is all over the field for most NFL defenses, screen passing has essentially become the new sweep play.

And until the NFL or some other stat keeping website starts keeping stats of behind the line of scrimmage receiving yards, the misconception that receiving RB's are simply "adjusted" slot receivers will continue
I have been thinking about this exact thing this entire thread...although, I think that if there is a "misconception" that it is the other way around, I think most people assume that the majority of most RB's recieving yards comes out of the backfeild, and not lined up in the slot...

I know that Faulk lined up at slot all the time, infact I know the he lined up as a straight up wide out even...and you are right, it would be nice if they seperated his recieving yards in his stats and showed us how much was out of the backfeild compared to how much was just him playing WR...

because really the only benifit a team gets from a RB that can line up as a WR is a saved roster spot...
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