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Default Re: Oct/Nov Record Predictions

Originally Posted by Xiao Yao You
Was when I got here.
You are wrong.

Not sore about anything. Think it's pretty weak to call people names cuz you don't like their view though.
You insist on taking cheap shots, and you get what's coming to you.

He was an end of the bench guy like he is now at best not a starter or a 20+ minute a nite guy. You and SLoan were way off base on him.
When did I say he should play 20 minutes? When did I say he should start?

They were healthy at the end of last year and only Amare getting hurt got them into the playoffs to get crushed.
Okur was injured.

Xiao, in all my time reading your posts, you have been unreasonable on multiple levels and fail over and over again to represent virtually anything fairly. I'm done.
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