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Default Re: Can Shane Battier dunk?

Originally Posted by Apocalyptic0n3
I'm used to seeing Kobe hate, Lebron hate, Dwight hate, Nash hate, KG hate, etc. on here, but... freaking Shane Battier? Of all the players in the league, you decide to hate on one of the most likable players currently playing. This one just puzzles me.

yeah you're right. my bad. he's mr. nice guy. mr. hustle yada yada.

those guys are future HOFers BTW. not to be mentioned in the same breath. even AC Green yoked one every now and then. and he was virgin. geesh.

found this on youtube:

zaleenbaba (8 months ago)
i didn't know that he can dunk. he doesn't do that in the nba

anyway this started for me when I heard he was another Grant Hill. I kept watching and waiting and realized this guy couldn't hold G. Hill's jockstrap.

I know he "can" dunk but refuses to go in hard on PFs and Cs or anyone. I just want him to pull one back and put his nuts in somebody's face JUST ONCE!
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