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Default Re: Can Shane Battier dunk?

I think this should put the debates regarding his athleticism and his dunking ability to rest:

"Shane has gotten better in his career and he will continue to get better on using the dribble to get shots," Drum added. "There is some rap about what kind of athlete he is. Well, he's not a Vince Carter or a Corey Maggette type of athlete, but he's good enough and he's better than a lot of athletes in this league."


Battier's individual workouts may have changed the opinions of some general managers. In Atlanta, Battier beat Michigan State underclassman Jason Richardson in a "Superman" drill, dunking the ball 70 straight times without missing or quitting.

At the other end of the court, Richardson dunked 63 times before falling to the floor from exhaustion.

"I could have kept going but I messed up my footing and missed a dunk," Battier said. "After that I turned to the GM and said, `I guess I'm a little more athletic than you thought, huh?' He smiled and walked away."

The feat "doesn't surprise me at all," Drum said. "In a lot of ways that's not pure athleticism, it's that mentally he is tougher and more prepared than anyone in this draft."

Granted this was done around 2001, but considering that he hasn't suffered any major injuries, he couldn't have fallen off too hard...
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