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Default Re: Can Shane Battier dunk?

Originally Posted by JalenRawley
As long as there are children who follow the NBA, it will happen.

One other thing is that dunking also takes more energy, -wasted- energy, to dunk unnecessarily. And let's face it, many dunks are unnecessary but they're still spectacular displays of athleticism to enjoy. But why waste your legs trying to dunk when you've got to chase around your opponent's best scorer all night? That's not his job. He doesn't have anything to prove, he doesn't get caught up in juvenile ego and headgames, he's not concerned with padding stats or getting on posters, he just plays to win. It's not flashy, it's not pretty, it doesn't fill up the stat sheet, but he also isn't a detriment to his own team. Every team needs a guy like Battier. He's an intelligent, hard working, easy to please glue guy, what team wouldn't want him?

I guess I could write another 10,000 words about how pathetic, ignorant and clueless it is to equate dunking and scoring with being a great NBA player, and to eschew both means you suck, regardless of how good you are at other things or how important you are to team chemistry and winning. But even the majority of people here on ISH already know this and supports this point of view. We all recognize that it is an immature, juvenile point of view that will evolve and eventually mature with time and experience.

Juvenile? hardly. been watching this game a LONG time and never seen a guy with Shane's length and body type who won't throw it down hard on a big. show me where nice 6' 8" guys that don't dunk (including defensive stoppers) win ships in this league. I appreciate intangibles as much as the next guy. I could go on about great defenders and rebounders you probably never even heard of but this a man's game not the WNBA.

Has nothing to do with him being an intelligent player. he just doesn't have the explosiveness.

"Throw it down young man. throw it down"
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