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Default Re: Kind of unexpected Deron having career season in rebounds

If we are going to criticize Okur, rebounding isn't the best choice.

It's a great choice. At his size his numbers are atrocious! Even Collins was a better offensive rebounder even if he couldn't out rebound Price at the other end. LMAO!

He is a crafty rebounder, especially on the offensive glass (and even more especially after free throws).

The numbers tell a far different story.

He is a deadly mismatch for most teams.

Mismatches go both ways is the problem. Does the other guy get the best of him at the other end? He's not usually on the winning end of the mismatches.

He is a good post defender.

He's willing to lean against someone unlike Boozer but does that keep them from going over and around him?

Sure sounds like a guy you lock up for over 10 mil a year. ROTFLMAO!
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