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Originally Posted by 24/7
Lol does that ***** work? I can't imagine why it wouldn't but are there some stores that have the console's serial number on the receipt?

Indeed they do not on the but you just have to get crafty see I use to own a ps2 and I’m not sure if anyone else had the disk read error on there ps2 but I did about 6mo after I bought it and since I bought it from target it was out side there return policies I picked up a new one and took it home very carefully pulled the serial # sticker off the back it’s a sticker about 2” by 5” on the back of the system with the bar code. I just pulled the one off the old ps2 and slapped it on the new one and the new one on the old one put the old one (which was still looking new no scratches or dings) in the box for the one I had just bought and went the next morning and returned it like I had gotten it for a gift and it worked like a charm.
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