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Oh and who was it at the start of the season that said the Panthers are better than the bears? Whoever that was can shut their mouths now.

Your Bears got by far the weakest schedule and division in the NFL...Carolina blown what 5 games this season in the 4th?

Yeah they're having their problems, but Carolina aren't out of the playoff picture just yet so you Bear fans can sweat it out a little longer, cause I know none of you want a piece of the Panthers come playoff time.

Philly is a good team and Garcia is a damn good QB...I see NY and Carolina getting the last two playoff spots, just because I think Carolina will play with their backs against the wall...and they got 2 games at home now. Lets take care of business.

It's frustrating when your QB throws 3 INTs on his final pass of the game, in situations that could have won us the game...(Cincy, Philly, Washington)...but as bad as this team played this season, (3rd down effeciency, offensive struggles, defense being too tired late in games)...they still could very well be 11-1 on the year if they held on to their leads...Ny Vs Carolina is the season for both teams...actually for Carolina more so then NY because I fear Atlanta more so then an injured Philly team stealing our spot with a tough 4 game stretch for end the year.
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