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Default J.A. Adande on LeBron to the Rockets

7.What About Houston?

Shamus (Plattsburgh, NY): Instead of LeBron to OKC, how about Houston? They could very well have the cap space, they have an international icon, a GM who knows what he's doing, ditto coach, and arguably the best collection of gritty role players in the NBA!

J.A. Adande: This brings up a good point about the changing nature of the biz. You never hear Houston mentioned with the big cities like NY, LA or Chi. But look at the popularity of Tracy McGrady, all because of the internet and because he plays with Yao Ming. McGrady's huge in China, and I'm sure that's where a lot of his All-Star votes are coming from.

As an agent told me, I could play alongside Yao and get voted to the all-star game because of the Yao effect. I do think LeBron is savvy enough to think of something like that. Not that all of the pieces can come into place to make it work, but it's yet another argument against "LeBron has to go to N.Y."

I've always thought LeBron could fit in well with Houston if he decides to leave the Cavs.

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