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Originally Posted by LAZYBOY
Last year Webber averaged 20 points, 1.5 steals, 3.4 assists and 10 rebounds a game. This year he is having problems with the coach and an injury. He is still better than %90 of the Kings and by far better than anybody we traded him for. These are just facts not jockriding so bite your lip and don't act like we haven't felt the effects of a terrible trade. The Kings are on a bigger decline than Webber.

While shooting 43% , a career low. His other numbers are inflated because the 76ers have a weak frontcourt, so he's force to play big minutes. The guy simply does not have any impact on the game shortly after getting traded. And he was getting benched in the 4th quarter earlier this season because he's too slow for DEFENSE, yes we need a player like that. I'll take a healthy rotation of Shareef and KT over Webber at this point 10 out of 10 night. I have to agree the trade was terrible at the time, but you have to understand at this point Webber have absolutely no trade value, because he sucks.
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