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Originally Posted by wally_world
i'll say keep AI, but put him back up to the SG position... the team needs a playmaker and a stronger bench... a good draft pick will help them... maybe trade John Salmons plus a second round pick for a passing PG like Brevin Knight, who is on the trading block...

maybe they can sign some free-agents, but their cap-room is very limited, AI Webber and Dalembert are very highly paid... we'll see, i don't wanna be their GM next season... sigh...
I agree with you 100%. I think you trade for Brevin Knight, and get rid of Korver(no defense or ballhandling or clutch) and Dalembert(overpaid, no offensive awareness, no offensive skills). In giving up Korver and Dalembert, who are decent young players, you could surround the roster with defensive players. I mean, did Philly ever really have a problem scoring this season? When you have a guy like AI, and you have Webber basically averaging 20, all you need is a little bit of scoring from the others to get the job done. I do believe that with time Iggy can become the 3rd scorer. AI must be moved back to sg, because that is what he is. He shouldn't have to handle the distributing duties, he is a scorer. Plain and simple.
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