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Default Re: WOW nobody talks about the Chargers or Philip Rivers...

Originally Posted by Carbine
This Charger/Colts thing reminds me a little of the obstacle the Patriots were for us. Then came that game in the playoffs where we came back to beat them and we haven't looked back since when it concerns the Patriots.

I have that same feeling this year. All that stuff about someone having our number.... those streaks do not hold up forever.
Talkin about streaks, I think Colts winning streak will end vs Chargers in AFC finals. I don't think Chargers are the team that choked for the past few years. Let's not forget this team has not been healthy for several seasons. Say what you will about Norv Turner but he knows what he's doing. LT is not the LT we're used to seeing but he has his moment, and after all we still have Sproles. Rivers proved that he is an elite QB in the league. I like Chargers chances this year.
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