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Default Are the knockoffs any good?

The best shoes I've ever owned were the Jordan XXI's. They've been with me for three years and 6 different countries. Seriously, if I could design a shoe to fit what I needed, I'd just copy these shoes and call it a day. Sadly it's well past time to retire them. I actually looked in to getting one of the re-releases, but they're all way too expensive or have hideous colors, and the originals are way to expensive for shoes. (I paid 60 bucks for my original ones because footlocker sucks at making sure coupons don't overlap.)

I'm assuming the really cheap ones are the knockoffs. Are knockoffs any good? Do they compare to the actual shoes? I figure it can't really cost like 200 bucks to make the shoes, so the 60 dollar pair has to be at least near the real ones. I don't really care so much about if the leather is real or the detail of the stiching. More about fit, design and durability. I don't want them to start falling apart after a week, or to have weird constricting angles on my feet because they based the shoe loosely off of a picture from the internet.
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