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Default Re: Brandon Marshall after this season

Originally Posted by Doomsday Dallas
I could see him going to the Giants...

But couldn't Denver just slap the franchise tag on him?

He's going to be a RFA most a team who signs him has to give up a 1rst and 3rd. Or Denver could slap the tag on him in case a team is willing to give up a 1rst and 3rd. So they'll get 2 1rsts. But then you're gonna have to pay him more $$$$ with the franchise tag on him as opposed to the RFA 1yr tender. Not that I think it matters because I havent read anything that suggests Denver is willing to trade/give B.Marshall up. And after this season? They'll try to lock him up. He's going to get much? Not sure. Could get a Larry Fitz like deal.

I also havent heard B.Marshall screaming he wants out this season. So I dont forsee B.Marshall going anywhere.
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