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Default Re: MNF: Minnesota Vikings @ Chicago Bears

Originally Posted by MK2V1GP
Fail by the Bears on offense. Cutler should've already been picked off.

What is wrong with the Vikings running game? They went from being the best OL in the game to being a below avg OL in a manner of weeks.
their o-line is horrid...and yeah, I don't know what happened isn't like they had a bunch of key injuries...

they also have the most predictable play calling I have ever seen...when they are about to run Peterson, it is very obvious...

they need to do some draws (like they just did wih Chester on 3rd down) except use them with Peterson on a 1st or 2nd down...trick it up a little...

their sh*t makes Jason Garrett look like an offensive genius...

maybe they had to make it simple because Favre is old an senile...

Vikes play book:

red 1 = give ball to Peterson

blue 3 = just find someone and throw the ball to them
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