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Default Early returns for the On court/Off court #'s

Arenas WAS 34.8
Nash PHO 30.0
Wade MIA 24.3
Hayes HOU 23.4 (Awesome)
Artest SAC 23.3
Haslem MIA 21.5
Harris DAL 20.3
Redd MIL 20.1
Lewis SEA 19.0
Anthony DEN 18.9
ChildressATL 18.6
Nowitzki DAL 18.4
Duncan SAS 18.3
Millsap UTA 17.5

Interesting to note: Boozer, Okur, and Deron Williams are among the worst +/- players in the league. Okur's at -16.4, Boozer's at -15.6, and Deron Williams is at -13.5.

So, it definately shows that these #'s are left open for interpretation, and should not be used as a tell-all method.

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