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Originally Posted by Phesto
Me grow up? You're the one doing something that's obviously annoying, and I don't think it's just me that's annoyed by it.

Yes, you. Grow up. You find it annoying? I put a name at the end of a post and that's supposed to be a big deal? If everyone did it you wouldn't say crap but because I'm the only one who does, you guys make it a big deal.

Grow up. It's not changing. I've said it before and I'll say it again. People sign their posts on almost every board on the internet. You are the minority here. Get over it. Deal with it. Grow up. It isn't a big deal. Quit whining about it. It isn't going to change.

And if you have a problem with someone personally, don't jump in the middle of a thread and interrupt what everyone else is talking about to challenge one person. That's what PM's are for.

But don't bother PM'ing me either. It isn't going to change. Live with it.

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