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Default If your team doesn't win the Super Bowl, is the season a failure?

Do you take a hard line stance on this, or are you just happy with progress and a winning year?

I think that if you are bad, you want to be good, and once you get good, you want to be better. With each win, expectations rise, as new ones are created.

Like, people will tell me "Oh, you should be happy that the Bengals turned it around." Sorta, yeah, but the name of the game is winning the Super Bowl. Technically, there is one champion, and everyone else is a failure. Success from year to year isn't guaranteed. Oftentimes, surprise teams one year don't take that next step. They just fall back.

It gets old seeing other teams' fanbases get that parade at the end of the year. I hope that my championship quest as a fan doesn't consume the rest of my youth and I have to wait until I'm as old as good 'ol Bob in my avy.

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