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Default Re: If your team doesn't win the Super Bowl, is the season a failure?

Originally Posted by MK2V1GP
I think it also depends on one's expectations for a certain team. For example, my Bucs. I was not expecting them to come close to the Super Bowl, so no, I'm not disappointed they won't win the Super Bowl, but I am disappointed they were so awful. I was expecting 5-7 wins, not only 3.

But if my team is a contender for the playoffs, then yes, anything short of a Super Bowl win is a failure. Ask the Cardinals last one expected them to make it to the big game, but were they satisfied just making it to the Super Bowl? No.

This. You've got to keep your fanhood grounded in reality. For the last decade or so all but one year as a Colts fan has been a failure. But it isn't like I'd call this season a failure for the Pacers because they aren't winning the Finals. Though I would for other reasons.
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