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Default Re: If your team doesn't win the Super Bowl, is the season a failure?

It depends. The Cardinals last year could never be argued as a
failure because they absolutely did great things and played awesome in the superbowl as well. That season was a success for the Cardinals even if it didn't result in a superbowl.

But if you're an elite team year after year, you have expectations. If you don't win the superbow it will probably be viewed as a failure.

But I don't really view football like that. The most rings by one team is the Steelers with six, right? That's the most in HISTORY. So winning a ring is absolutely prestige and a historical event in and of itself. It really is a "once in a lifetime" thing for many players and teams. To not win a superbowl in any given year, for that reason alone, isn't a ''failure." At least to me.

Over a period of say, 10 years... or the ERA of someone (Like the Peyton Manning Era, the Romo Era, Brady Era, Brees Era, Rivers Era, etc, etc) is much more accurate to distinguish failure and success. If those players and teams didn't, or fail to win a ring during their time, that's a failure.
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