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Default Re: 2010 Draft-Shooting Guard Rankings

Originally Posted by el gringos
Terrible list- everything on here should try to be nba draft related- that was a college list that has john wall as the 4th best sg?

Sg is even weaker than c this year?

1-X henry- physically already nba ready- top 10 maybe and sofar no cometition for top sg

2-tyler smith- tenn- may be a sg/sf, I've always been high on him and think someone SHOULD take him low 20's or earlier

3-w johnson- also a sg/sf combo- I think he should return for a soph, but with how weak this draft is prob has to come out

Anyone seen scotty hopson?

I thind ebanks could be a sf/sg who should go in the 20's and manny harris is a sg/pg also should go 20's

How good and big are mich st summers or cinci stephenson
wesley johnson is either a junior or a senior. He played 2 years at iowa state, transferred sat out last year and is playing this year. Im not sure if the sat out year counts as a year of eligibility though.
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