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Default Anybody else need the ball to be effective?

I played 3 games today... The first one I was just a warm up 3 on 3 game. I had some old guy guarding me like 5'8... kinda hard to get up for that lol. Still tho... I just let the other guys do their thing and overall I was pretty ineffective... couldn't knock down my shots at all (though I wasn't warmed up much) and couldn't find a rhythm. I think I was like 2-8 or something.

Game 2 the old guy left and 2 other guys stepped in. This was decent competition so I wanted to play serious. I basically dominated the ball... but of course I still dished to my teammates playing a Lebron like role. I was on fire and everything felt right. My dude would set a screen for me and whenever the dude would go under it I would just pull up and shoot... and I missed only once the whole game. I think I was 7-8 with like 5 assists or so.

Game 3 was 5-5 cus some more dudes came. This one short guy wanted to run the point so I let him (I am one of those guys who will let someone else do what they want and I will adjust to them... if nobody steps up or if I feel like I am without question the best option then I will try and takeover.) Anyway, the place I feel most comfortable when I'm not running the offense is in the post... I got like 1 touch down there like most times. Other than that I was just spotting up since my dude was doing all the cutting and scored like 11 out of the games 15 points lol. Now, I can spot up just fine and can get in a rhythm out there... but i'm inconsistent. I didn't even score this game and 0-7 i think. The only good thing about my performance other than a couple decent dimes was that I got to try out the Eurostep/Stepthrough move while coming down the lane. It faked the dude out nicely and I would have scored but he fouled me. I felt like Tyreke Evans on that play tho haha... Guy wasn't exactly Dwight Howard tho lol.

Ok so the third game I was kind of tired because I have been resting with my ailments for like the last 6 weeks so my conditioning is terrible so I think that had a lot to do with it... but I just feel so much more comfortable running pick and roles and trying to penetrate and dish... so much more in tune when I am running the O.

Anybody else feel this way?

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