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Default Re: Anybody else need the ball to be effective?

See I love creating for others as well... I would much rather find the open man than score... and when I'm not handling the ball it just seems like people don't move as much. They know when I'm handling it I'm looking for them. I also figure I have the best court vision, but I'm going to try and not take people out of their comfort zone if they like to handle the ball... cus I feel like I can do other things well... I just don't consistently so it's a crapshoot.

Yea I think once you run point like you have for a while... it almost takes more trouble than it's worth to switch positions unless you go through a huge growth spurt or something where it just doesn't make much sense to keep you there (From a philosophy standpoint). As a PG, you aren't used to cutting and moving without the ball so it feels so unnatural. Just watch a lot of film and try to get used to it cus it's just another dimension to your game that you can add. Being able to transition from position to position is a luxury for any coach and team.

Yea Rip and Ray (and Reggie Miller) move so well without the ball it's unnatural lol. You have to be in amazing condition that quite frankly most people won't attain. You constantly have to push yourself through fatigue. It's tough lol.
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