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Default Re: Anybody else need the ball to be effective?

Originally Posted by NY-Knicks
depends on the competition. if I have talented scorers or creators on my team I let them dominate the ball and hope for the occasional post up or open jumper. I get some assists passing to shooters (for instance swinging it to the corner when his man is helping on me). I also go for as many offensive rebounds as I can.
If I play on a team like that I try to steal passes to get open opportunities. I also grab a lot of rebounds and contest as many shots as I can so I can be effective without the ball. But when I play on a less talented squad I tend to dominate the ball a lot. I am often less effective like that because I do not put all my effort on defense and rebounding. I also take way more shots.
I am at my best on such a team when I play in the post. I'm a guard with a very decent postgame. I can somehow be effective either way, but not especially well in one part.

Andre Miller type of player .
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