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Originally Posted by statman32
nope there not...and i think at the beginning of the second season you can change your non conference games

its hard to do because once your conference season comes around even if your winning your ranking will go down due to the quality of your oppenenots....good luck

you might have a chance with san diego st though cause i believe they have byu and utah in their conference which are two pretty good teams...update me on how you do...i just got college hoops 2k7 and am gonna start a legacy with longwood college

I got Hoops 2k7 as well, and the game is good, better then the NBA version. I just started a team with Hofstra and it's hart to recruit. I'll keep talking to a player and he'll get 100 approval or whatever that called, and he'll sign with another team. Only problem with the game is that stealing the ball is too easy and layups could be difficult at times.
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