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Default Re: Gilbert Arenas charged with felony gun possession

To me, the locker room thing is bull****. Mostly because he took them out and people saw them.

If I saw someone at work take out guns, regardless of whether he said they were loaded or not, I'd be pissed/feel threatened.

Second, to me, the contract to play in the NBA is not just to play basketball. Why do they pay Arenas? To make money for the franchise... he now makes the franchise look bad and doesn't make them money anymore... not because of how he does his job, but what he did outside of it. He should lose his contract because he is now a detriment to the organization... because of something of his own choosing.

It's really ridiculous. I can't believe Sprewell didnt lose his contract either... the Player's Union is an organization that protects a lot of criminals, in my mind. It's just a bad organization.
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