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Default Re: real Cowboy's fan telling all the fake Cowboy's fans to GTFO...

I remember when there was an LA guy last year who claimed to be an Eagles fan and Marlo and GOBB called him out on it. He came into the Eagles offseason thread with stuff like

"What? Jon Runyan isn't on the team anymore? When did that happen? Who were some of the guys we drafted? OMG Reid is still here? I thought they'd fire his ass. Again I haven't been keeping up with the Eagles lately, but I'm a die hard". Then tried to prove how die hard he was by saying him and his wife were laughing at the people claiming he wasn't one and that his basement was decked out in Eagles stuff. How can you not follow the team yet claim to be a damn die hard?

You know what? It makes me realize. All these "fans" aren't bandwagoners. They can't be, they've probably never liked any other team besides Dallas. They're frontrunners. Ahh okay...fixed that one.
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