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Originally Posted by adamcz Vasquez who are afraid to bring their game to the NBA.

Lol...typical American bullshit; if it's not American it's no good. Obviously the Euroleague is so much crappier than the NBA, but you have to recognize it's still a professional league that employs many amazing players (some of whom have moved to the NBA in recent years). And they're still a force to be reckoned with (like Macabbi TelAviv whippage of the Raptors last fall during a friendly in Toronto) that manges to compete even with a much smaller fanbase (remember basketball is not that popular in Europe; compared to soccer at least) and thus so much less money.
Also they encourage a type of basketball oriented more on finesse than brute physical dominance (not to suggest that the NBA has no finesse players).
To conclude, in my opinion, yes the Euroleauge is "softer" than the NBA but still better than college basketball (in my opinon), so dont bash it, unless you know what you're talking about.

P.S. Some of the players choose not to come to the NBA, like most of the Greek nationals, which in my opinion are very good basketball players (current European Champions, etc.) but enjoy increasing popularity in their home teams as well as pretty fat salaries... so why should they move?
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