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Default Re: New York Jets offseason thread

Originally Posted by Carbine
You're making no sense. Leon Washington is electric with the ball in his hands, he makes things happen. He's a good player.

The future is already in place for the Jets at running back. You don't need to be spending high draft picks on an already set position.

Wrong. Leon Washingon isnt even locked up with a contract. And he's coming off an injury to his leg and is 27. So yeah after the Jets get rid of Thomas Jones probably if they dont wanna pay him his roster bonus in March. You're left with Shonn Greene and Leon Washington. You're putting faith into Leon based on what exactly? What Carbine? Nothing. Electric? Did you just good Leon Washington potential and search for shyt on him? Electric.

F*ck outta here. He's a nice kick returner. But being a backup to Greene complimenting him and he is a RFA to my knowledge coming off an injury? Please in the draft I'm taking a RB. And no one said spend high picks on a RB. Reading and comprehension anyone? I said its not an immediate need and the Jets at thier position can go BPA. BPA = best player available. So if a Jahvid Best were to slide to you? You cant pass him up because you have the "electric" Leon Washington. And I said Joe McKnight earlier and he isnt projected to be a high draft pick.

Since when do teams who like to run, pound the ball dont even look at RB depth in a draft? Especially when chances are their RB depth is down to Greene and a guy coming off injury. But I'm not making sense.

Good thing you're not running the Jets.
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